Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sitting in an arena surrounded by people.
Loud cheering erupting every few seconds to a minute.
A person sits, solemnly thinking.
Pondering death and the meaning of life.
The need to read Ecclesiastes is realized.

I am feeling the pain of friends today.  Their hearts are breaking on different levels and for different reasons.  I cannot fix it, but I can ask why.  I am praying for them and hurting with them.  I know God is in control, but I don't see the good.

However, amidst this day when many people's hearts are breaking, and mine is breaking for them, I did single out three little snippets of joy (these simply stood out):

I stumbled upon H&M in the mall...completely unexpected and I had just been thinking about it.
I sat next to Bavarian Germans at the Magic game
I was able to give away my noisemaker to a little boy who, I am sure, enjoyed it far more than I did.

On top of those blessings, I have had a wonderful few days in Florida with Daddy, Pennisu, and Michael.  I am blessed with a wonderful family.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Missing All Things Wintery and German

It's true.  I'm one of those people who become more emotional the later it gets.
There is every possibility that tomorrow morning I will wonder why I was so emotional.
Yet, in this case...there is every possibility I won't.

I was just overcome with how much I miss Germany.

To be more specific, I miss the snow, our jugendherberge, my eight, fellow Ambexers, Kelley and her cozy house, and just Germany.  I want to be there so much.

How lovely to watch the snow float by the window on the outside while I am cozy on the inside.

Oh, I miss it.
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