Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pageant Night: Sisterhood Additions

Pageant's my favorite.  I want my wedding to have a similar feel...everyone running around getting ready together.  Busy, busy, busy!

After sitting through five pageants, it was refreshing to get to participate in the behind-the-scenes action.  A tea, practices, and the actual event--it was wonderful.

Last night, starting at 5:30 PM, I ran around, curled hair, pinned bandanas, hustled girls on and off stage, and had an absolute ball assisting with a pageant I won seven years ago.  Amanda, who I crowned in 2007, was also there, running around and enjoying it just as much!

I was proud of the seriousness with which the girls took the pageant.  They made an effort to perfect their dance, walk, and speech.  It was beautiful.  They were beautiful.

While at the tea a couple of weeks ago,  I was standing there with at least three other Jr. Miss Bath County's.  The feeling of sisterhood struck me.  I'd never thought of it before.  I only knew Amanda but none of the other Jr. Miss queens who came after me.  Now I know them.  Now, Jordan has joined the line.  I don't know if any of the other girls know what I'm talking about...but maybe when several years have passed, they'll feel it, too. 

The contestants are beautiful girls who I am privileged to have gotten to know and work with.  They made the pageant fun and a huge success!

Enjoy a few photos from the night!

Jr. Miss Bath County 2012...crowned her successor last night

Love all their faces!

Waiting...waiting for the results

Jr. Miss Bath County, runners up, Miss Congeniality, and Audience Choice (not in order)

Miss Bath County, runners up, Miss Congeniality, and Audience Choice (not in order)

With Jordan, Jr. Miss Bath County 2013!  Very proud of her!
Amanda and me...Jr. Miss BC 2007 and 2006

They crack me up!

Friday, April 26, 2013

When Love Supercedes Frustration

Hot Tazo Chai and Avril Lavigne Pandora station.
I don't think her music is normally associated with relaxing...but today it is.

I subbed for one of my former history teachers at the high school today.
Due to a field trip, two of my classes were gone.
I filled in for Industrial Maintenance for two periods.
I had never been down there before.
Definitely a new world.

Through two ongoing examples, I've been learning what it is like to be upset with a person/persons and to still care about them.  It was put into practice today.

I have the privilege of substitute teaching amazing students.  It is truly an honor and a joy.  Maybe some of you reading understand the joy teenagers bring to life!

Tonight was pageant practice.  It was long and productive.  I am now exhausted and have a croaky voice.

To bed?
I think maybe.

Guten nacht.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Letter to Musicians: Do You Know Your Influence?

Dear Musicians,

Are you aware of the audience you are reaching with your music?

I was on a school field trip Friday.  While waiting to board the bus for the ride home, three of the 3rd grade girls started singing part of "Thrift Shop".  Word.  For.  Word.

Dumbfounded, I made a comment to another teacher standing with me.  The lyrics lack mental stimulation and deeper meaning.  Have you read the words they "sing"?  As I've yet to actually listen to the entire song on the radio, I'm not sure how much they edit.  However, if you take a moment to read even the first ten lines of the song, you will realize how appalling it is that 3rd graders know the words.

Musicians, when you write your songs, think about the message you want to convey.  Take pride in your work, and don't look at it as just another way to make an income.  Words are powerful.  People can be built up by encouragement and just as quickly torn down by negativity.  Think about the impact you can have when a person is struck by the words in a song.  In that moment, they've been personally affected.  How have the words you wrote and sing changed them?


A lover of music, intellect, and deeper meanings

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why the Boston Bombing Made Me Sad...and Glad

Image Found Here
With age should come awareness, an awareness of the world in which we live.

In the past week the United States of America faced terrorism, tragedy, and the necessity of stepping outside our self-centered worlds and helping other people.

As I reflected on the events in Boston, I felt horror and sadness for the people affected by the bombings.  However, I also felt glad that the bombings occurred and were covered by the media.

How often do we watch civilians running and screaming frantically from buildings into the streets on our television screens?  Men, women, and children, all caught by surprise, run from the demented individual who decided it was a good day to set a bomb off and kill and maim fellow humans.

What is the difference in the scenes?

Normally our televisions aren't showing Nike clad marathon runners taken by surprise when pressure cookers exploded around them.  Instead, they are people going about life: grocery shopping, leaving work, going to school, etc.

Are you beginning to understand why, even in my sadness at the terrorism in my country, I am somewhat glad it happened?

The people affected by the Boston bombings and ensuing events experienced a sliver of what some endure daily in other parts of the world.  Updates were constantly given, I spent multiple times throughout the week glued to the television watching what was happening.

Imagine if this happened every day.  The coverage would dissipate and we would acclimate to it, or at least be accustomed to dealing with such catastrophic events.

My hope is that, instead of simply being horrified, saying "Today we are all Bostonians", and hashtagging #prayforboston, we will experience a rise of compassion towards others around the world who daily experience what rarely happens in the United States.

The U.S.A. is blessed that it has not experienced a war on its soil in over a hundred years.  All the wars we've fought have been elsewhere.  But, when tragedy strikes, let us help each other, bond together, and empathize with fellow humans around the world.  Then, once the ripples disappear, fight the self-centered culture in which we live.  When an explosion is shown in Afghanistan, pause and try and see the people on the screen as beautiful beings who have dreams and lives like you and your neighbor.  Don't make them another statistic.  Fight being callused to the evil in this world.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Unplanned Sabbatical is Over

It seems I took an unplanned, two-week sabbatical from blogging.
As a means to slide back into a writing groove, I'll share bits and pieces of my busy life.

Since my last appearance, I took a mini-vaca to SC and NC.  It was blissful, rejuvenating, and a joy-filled long weekend.  Instead of squeezing in every possible person, I spent quality time with a few very special people.

Love this girl.

Matt and Baron...just packed up the tent. Deborah's face in the background!

These two are amazing.  Fav prof and his wife.  Now, more like family.

Sweet girlies : )

They're getting MARRIED!

I know, finger should not be on trigger.  Love B's face.

When I returned, my mini-me (aka, my 12-year old cousin Nikki) was visiting.  We had a lot of fun laughing and singing in bed, watching White Collar, introducing her to Duck Dynasty, and going with her mom to look at cats at the animal shelter.

This was April 4.

Cousins : )

The past two weeks, but especially last week, have been crazy.  I love when life is busy and I'm constantly going from one thing to the next.  I subbed four days, spent Tuesday covering two stories for the paper, went to Michael's baseball game, spent time with friends, coached a pageant girl,  made scones, and helped with a pageant tea.

Watching baseball!

Pageant time...we looked uber similar that night.

A beautiful early morning shot.  Amazing.

Now, as a new week begins, I am enjoying a quiet morning before subbing a half day.

It's funny, after Spring Break my Freshman year of college, I became more introverted.  I was peopled out.  Since graduating from college, my extrovertism has sky-rocketed and my need for people, laughter, and socialization increased.  I'm grateful to have family and friends with whom to laugh and spend time.  I'm also incredibly thankful for substitute teaching.  I'm paid to spend time with an amazing group of kids.
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