Friday, August 31, 2012

Failed Suicide

Defying all odds, this Irish young man has survived three attempts of suicide.

Read to find out the details!

Check out his website, too!

Feel free to leave your thoughts on his story!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Open Season for Surprises!

I am unpacking and trying to settle in.
It is hard because I know I want to move to England, Germany, France, or anyplace in Europe.
But, I sorted clothes today and measured a space for a mattress.
No bed for me.  Instead, I want to make a tiny room with three walls.

In case anyone is thinking of taking a trip, it is always open season for surprise visits to Kirsten's.
Not being in college proves for some lonely days.
And, not being employed full-time leaves lots of hours to idle away time.
Routine is coming slowly.  I need to speed it up, though.

I will do a before, mid, and after post of my area when it is complete.

Until next time, friends!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the Waiting, In the Pain

"What a day this will be when we all are set free from our world of sin and pain..."

Those are words from a gospel song a local group used to sing.
This day, tonight, they are encouragement.  One day the freedom we have in Christ will be experienced fully in the form of a new Heaven and a new Earth, and we who believe will have new bodies.

Dear Dear Practically-Family-Friends have experienced great loss this week.
I play this for them, for me, for all who are experiencing sorrow, hurt, or anything other than joy.


God: "What do you have left?"
Mr. P: "I have You."
God: "Am I enough?"
Mr. P: "Yes."

Is he?  In this time of Lent, and in all times of life, God should be enough.
Yet, how often...
I began writing this post about a year and a half ago.
The conversation took place between a man I knew and God.

Lent has passed by twice.
Yet, tonight I am still thinking about Mr. P and the impact he had on so many.
He once shared a song in church that has stayed with me ever since.
I don't know if I have ever told anyone the connection between him and that song.
Tonight I decided to share it with a friend.  That friend is his son.

Mr. P died a little more than a year and a half ago.
I pray for the family.  For their grief.
The pain they must experience daily is more than I am able to comprehend.

I hope you will listen to the song and be touched, awed, and blessed.

Jesus Culture Consumed - Oh Lord You´re Beautiful from Christopher J Hardwick on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Calling All Fashionistas!

Dear Fashion Lovers (or One Who is Related to a Fashion Lover),

A few weeks ago Shabby Apple emailed me saying the content of my blog fit with their style and asked if I would like to join their affiliate program.  I looked into the program and decided it would be lovely to advertise their fabulous styles and accessories.

Please check out their site!  If you purchase something from their site within 15 days of clicking on the link from my page, I will receive a 5% commission.

Below are a few items I would love to have in my closet!

I love tutus!  They are so fun for going out (say, to the theatre)!

Classic black pumps. Ja'dore!

Just love this simple, summer dress.

Love this.  So classy.

How cute is that lid?

Stream of Consciousness

Creativity hits just as my body needs sleep.
My mind keeps whirling, but I'm too tired to wake up and do anything about the ideas that are in my head.

The world is gorgeously green today.  I need to go and enjoy it.  When I feel cluttered it is hard for me to function.  Sometimes I just need white.  White everything with some color tossed in.

A dear man died yesterday.  The father and grandfather of people who are dear to me.  It doesn't seem real.  I will miss him very much.  I am praying comfort for them all.  Please do the same.

Tomorrow I interview for substitute teaching.  I hope I receive calls soon!  I want to learn how to be a great substitute teacher and have the proper balance of firmness and friendliness.

It is strange not being in school.  I signed up for a free online modern and contemporary poetry class taught by a professor at U of Penn.  It is online.  But, it should be good.  Poetry is not my thing, but maybe this will help.

Oh, I went fishing yesterday.  And, finally caught something about four inches long.  But, it was fun just hanging out and enjoying the scenery.  Oh, and we made s'mores.

Look at the reflection!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Weekend Fit for Friends!

Hello Lovelies,

This weekend I have been overwhelmed with friends (in the best way possible)!

My dear college roommate, Abbie, came to visit for 23 hours, and we only slept for 8 of them :)
We talked till close to 3 AM, had tea in the morning, went for a walk along the river, enjoyed the views, watched Sense and Sensibility, made a camp fire, roasted hot dogs and talked, painted rocks for the friendship trail, toasted marshmallows and stuck chocolate in them (because I forgot graham crackers), talked some more, cleaned up, visited my favourite river locations, came home, showered, went to the Buck Horn, played Phase 10, and then she left. (You may need a breath after reading that)

It was great!

Today I went to BC for church.  Then, Abby, Amanda, and I tried to go out for lunch.  Almost NOTHING was open.  We missed Country Cafe by just a little bit.  So, we drove to CF for lunch and enjoyed delicious food at the Tavern.  Upon finishing our meal, we came to my house, made cinnamon buns, tea, and I introduced them to Midnight in Paris.  SUCH a fab movie!  If you have not yet seen it, please, go watch it.  Now.

Now, I am home.  By myself.  Hoping I am called to sub soon.

Some pictures from the weekend with Abbie:

Fun times with my longest-running college roommate! (now we're both grads!) (Photo cred: Abbie)

Roasting hot dogs over the fire! (Photo cred: Abbie)

Some wine to go with our late night chat! (Photo cred: Abbie)

Restful day with Abbie at the river (Photo cred: Abbie)

I forgot the glasses!  (Photo cred: Abbie)

The cute little cabin! (Photo cred: Abbie)

My river and mountains!  (Photo cred: Abbie)

These places do exist. (Photo cred: Abbie)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Three Weeks of Life in Pictures

Here are a few photos to document the past, oh, three weeks or so!

A fabulous vintage shop in Staunton

My lovely Aunt Barbara

I bought this umbrella right after.

Glass coke bottles for Holland!

Not only do I want to marry a man who wears a fedora, now I want one.

The lovely Kristy.  She leaves for France in a week.

Ja'dore Winter Park.

Our farewells.

Universal with Josh.

Please read the comic.

Harry Potter World.

"Please respect the spell limits." Ha!

I love the design they did!

Josh was a dear and let me have fun in the I Love Lucy store : )

The beach!

Daddy at the beach.

Lovely morning sun.  The beach is my summertime happy place.

The clouds were amazing!

Pink Champagne

A glorious day!

My mountains from the early morning sky.

A bear cub I saw while driving over the mountain.

Circus McGurkus Cafe!

Aw, my cute cousin!

Summer Trips: Orlando, Daytona Beach Shores, and Columbia

When I last left you all, I was leaving on a plane to visit my father.
As predicted, and prepared for, I was chilly and thankful for my sweatshirt.

My time in Florida was lovely and restful.  I enjoyed soaking up the sun (a little too much sun) and partaking in Pink Champagne, for the second time!  I was able to visit a friend who is leaving for France in a week, and my cousin, who recently moved to FL, came over and we went to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure.  I always love those two theme parks, and our trip was no different.  I rode The Mummy three or four times, the first two with Josh.  I could not stop laughing.  Honestly, I think I laughed more than I screamed.  But, when Josh stopped riding, the ride was not as fun.  The next day Daddy and I left for the beach and were greeted with rain, which allowed for Olympics watching!  Pennisu arrived a couple of days later to enjoy the beach with us, as much as her injured foot would allow.  Uncle Kip and Aunt Ellen joined us for a few hours one day, which was great!

A day after returning from Florida I left for a surprise visit to Columbia.  Only a handful of people knew I was arriving.  My first stop was to visit Hannah, who was thoroughly surprised.  I then stayed the night with Chris and Marie, which is always a joy.  They are a lovely couple whom I have known since they were not a couple.  Saturday Hannah and I went to Indian (translates to Punjabi Dhabi), one of the best Indian restaurants EVER!  We talked, caught up, laughed, AND they had all of our favourite foods.

 Leaving Indian, I took Hannah home and then left to surprise the Crutchfield family (except Deborah who helped me plan).  It was great fun and I loved spending so much time with them, including Sunday lunch!  Baron showed his face and added to the fun, as well!  Throughout the next week I applied for jobs, visited with Steph, and stopped in to visit my aunt.

I bade farewell to a town I've called home for most of the past four years.  While not my favourite town, the people are some of the best I've known.

Au revoir!

P.S.  Pictures will come soon!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

That Complicated Airplane Temperature

Hi Everyone!

I'm getting ready to leave for the airport in about 19 minutes!
It's complicated dressing for Florida while knowing the airplane is going to be FREEZING!

I have this love of only carrying my purse through the airport and checking everything else.
This rarely happens.
But, today it will!

Hang out time with Daddy and Pennisu will be great!
I get to see my cousin, Josh, tomorrow (Universal!).
And, then BEACHtime!

It is going to be grand!

So, have a good week, weekend, and everything else!
I'll try to swing by at some point throughout my trip!

Au revoir,


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tea Sets and Chandeliers

Hello Lovelies!

I am back home after spending a few days with my Aunt in Staunton.
A quaint town, Staunton boasts large and lovely antique and consignment shops.

Aunt Barbara and I went downtown Sunday night (in her BMW convertible Barbie Car ) and window shopped.

I found a beautiful tea set with a turquoise stripe around the top and a small gold stripe on either side.
She found a chic, romantic chandelier to hang in her bedroom.

She bought her find and I walked away from mine.  Although, I did decide that I can buy lots of tea sets and use one each month on a rotational basis!

Monday we had a lovely breakfast of french toast and strawberries.
Coffee was also a factor.
While journaling I noticed I was shaky.  I think it was the coffee.

We went downtown and shopped.  I ended up purchasing a vintage, blush pink umbrella.

Aunt Barbara found a lovely formal gown.

We went swimming and sunned.  Watched the Olympics and had girl time.

Such a wonderful time we had.  My favorite part of swimming is when they pull that mermaid move.
Aunt Barbara called it "wiggling."

Now I am home preparing to fly to Florida in the morning.


P.S.  My computer crashed and it is having to be slowly fixed.  Thus, pictures will be lacking for the time being : (

Guest Blog: Claire from My Little Life

Happy August First!

This is my first month hosting sponsors for my blog (check out my sponsor page if you are interested in swapping buttons!) and I'm very excited!  It feels like I'm becoming a real blogger.

As my first guest blogger, I asked Claire, from My Little Life and our favourite things, to guest blog!
She is one of my favorite bloggers for many reasons...
But, I will let you read for yourself!
Hello all!
I'm so chuffed that Kirsten asked me to guest post on her blog, between you and me, it's the first time I've been asked, and if I'm honest, I feel as though I have 'arrived' in the blogging world. 
I write two blogs which I love, you can check them out at or
I like to write book reviews (I find this a great way of keeping track of the many many books I read) vintage finds, and my travels in our home on wheels. 
I thought today I would tell you a little about our travels and why we love our home on wheels so much. 
Mr D (hubs) & I bought our first ex military vehicle 13 years ago after visiting The War & peace show, the biggest Military Vehicle show in the world, held in Kent. We pretty much went home, searched the internet and a few weeks later we were the proud owners of Bertie, our Willies Jeep.  
Bertie is fantastic for all occasions, off roading is so much fun, she will indeed go anywhere. There's nothing more fun on a summer day than taking Bertie for a ride with the roof off. She only has 3 gears, is left hand drive will run at 50 mph downhill with the wind behind her, does about 13 mpg, and not a seat belt in sight, but she makes everyone smile as we drive past.  
For a few years we towed a small caravan (which I couldn't find a pic of!) but then we decided that we needed more room. We wanted a bed which was permenantly up, head room to stand up in, and space to cook & relax. 
We found this in the form of our Reo truck.. The Reo is 6 wheel drive, about 7ton and does about 8mpg on a good day. But the fun we have in her is priceless. Most weekends in the summer we visit vehicle shows, and air shows and she is in fact our mobile bedroom, fabulous for parking at friends parties. 
If you watch war films in the vietnam era you will see trucks like this mostly with canvas backs, carrying troops, but ours has a metal box on the back, used in the past as a mobile workshop. Mr D put his carpentry skills to the test and now it houses a double bed, wardrobe, oven, sink, woodburning stove and we have hot running water which is a luxury for camping. 
And the last photo proves that we aren't just fair weather campers, we love it whatever the weather! I hope you have enjoyed a little peek into my world, Thankyou to Kirsten for having me!


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