Sunday, November 28, 2010


Dear World,

It is SNOWING in GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me tell you...gorgeous!!!!
I will have pictures to show later!

I leave Germany in 3 days and some odd hours...10 maybe?
I will go to Poland!  Should be a great time!
Then England!
Then HOME!!!
Well, first to see Chris and Marie....CANNOT WAIT!!!
I love them so much!
Then VA!  Rest, family, yummy goodies, and appointments!  I cannot escape those : )
Anyway, I am SLEEPY!
Good Snowy Night!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heart Sigh

I have just finished writing a biography on Elisabeth Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary!
I will edit it tomorrow.
It feels good to have it done!

Tomorrow three Greek travelers and one Parisian traveler will arrive and we will partake of SALMON!!!
Ok, I have been craving salmon for over a month!!!
It is so delicious!!
Also, Indian Food!
I want one of my first meals back in SC to be at Punjabi Dhaba!!

Speaking of SC.  I tremendously miss my CIU friends!  Seriously.  I just want to be at CIU and sit and talk with some people!

I am so ecstatically excited about Italy!
The emotions that well up inside of me sometimes want to come out in the form of tears but they get stopped and just well up inside of my heart and cause me to sigh deeply!

Love to you all!

Monday, November 8, 2010

God's Surprise...a Bicycling Trip in the Country!!!!

This should have been published over a month ago!!!!

My Dear Friends,

Today I read an acquaintance's blog and was reminded that God surprises us and His surprises are great!
So, I ran some errands, ate gelato while sitting on a bench along the river, tweeted at some birdies, and went for a short bicycle ride.  I was going to cross the road and head back to my lovely jugendherberge but it was not a safe place to cross.  So, I decided to keep bicycling.  I think I may have even said, "Ok God, I will keep going."  Anyway, I kept going and going and went by all the annoying commercial stuff and began seeing fall leaves and I was slowly leaving Regensburg.  Then, I came around a corner and caught a glimpse of GREEN FIELD!!!  Then, I came onto a path.  Oh it was LOVELY!  Then, I came to a path that had a sign next to it.  It was round with a red circle.  Then, along the road I saw the same sign but it had a bicycle in it.  A car went into the path marked with the car circle so I thought there was a bike lane on the road.  Three feet in and I turned around!  I called Mr. Orr and those road signs actually mean that whatever is in the center of the circle is prohibited.
Anyway, the next part of the ride was filled with beautiful, rolling, green hills!!! Oh, and the trees were turning orange and yellow!  It was a sight to behold!
The scenery was gorgeous and I ended up bicycling a loop that brought me to a different part of Regensburg that is very near our hostel!
All in all, about a 12km loop!  I love it! (I think 12km....although...that seemed a bit much and not that much time).

Hannah, Hannah, and Aaron are back = )


I have not blogged in a while.  I just don't take the time.  Yet another area in which I need to discipline myself.
I realized over the summer how desperately I needed to become discipline.  I had become lazy, I did not care about things with much passion (if any), and I felt as if I did not have a purpose.  It is not fun to feel that way.

I needed to make some changes.  Saying I would do this meant nothing because I have always said, "I will do better next time..."  and next time would come around and nothing would have changed.
I began asking God to really help me this semester!  I had to do well!  I knew I could, I just had to apply myself and be disciplined.  Well, this semester has been the most beneficial semester of college, yet.  The classes have been wonderful!  I have learned many many new things and have been stretched.  While not necessarily the most rigorous courses I have learned much.  I have learned to get stuff done.  Yes, I have still procrastinated but I have accomplished so much more! 

I was talking with Mama today about the path I will be taking when I arrive back at CIU.  I have been contemplating teaching.  Do I really want to be a teacher?  The thought of teaching rather terrifies me much of the time!  I am responsible for giving these children knowledge.  Yikes.  That is scary.  I then had to question, well, if I switch majors....what will I switch to?  So, while I pondered these things, thought about praying about it, did pray some, and thought some more, God had another twist for me. 

I wanted to register for classes.  I couldn't.  I still can't.  I am waiting to hear back from my advisor again.  However, I now know that I have the option to postpone my education classes until I am ready to begin working on my Masters which gives me two semesters to fill with the remaining classes I need!  This will give me the opportunity to take classes I wanted to take but did not have time!  It means I can become educated in thinking analytically!  Poor Aaron has a tough time talking with me in a debatable fashion because the way we think is SO opposite!  This is not to say I want to completely change how I think....because I like my perspective on things....but it will help me to think in such a way as to see outside the box, around the question, see the reasoning, and not make statements that I wish I could eat as soon as I have said them.

I don't know how next semester will look.  I don't know if I will get to do this.  I really want to!  It is scary.  I have never taken a Gentry class.  I don't know how to write a philosophical paper.  I don't know how to argue philosophically.  But, isn't that what class is for?  To learn.

Anyway, this has been what I have been trying to figure out today.
That, and what December is going to look like!
And then....I get to go home!!!
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