Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today Has Been a Wunderbar Day!!!

Today has been simply wonderful!  Terrific!  Fabulous!  You get the picture.

It began with me discovering, this morning, that I passed Classical Philosophy.  And, not only did I pass, but, I earned an A-.  I was so excitedly shocked and happy!  I was hoping for a B.  I can't wait to get my papers back!

Also, since coming to Orlando I have been searching for a job that is closer to home and that would allow me to sleep more at night (sorry, but getting home at midnight, on a regular basis, sounds miserable).

Anyway, today I found out that the guy who started working the same day as I did found a new job.  That meant, there would be two people working on a regular basis, since I would only be working one or two days a week.  I broached the subject to Mr. Vaughn, suggesting that I could possibly become full time rather than just an intern. 

This evening he phoned me, we discussed it, and beginning on Monday I will be a full time employee (i.e. 32 hours a week, flexibility, meaning: hello weddings!, and I can spend time with Daddy and Pennisu...and I can sleep at night). 

I am one "happy little girl."

AND....*drum roll please*....My brother, Michael, is now the proud possessor of a Virginia Learners Permit!!!!!!!!!!!  He gets to drive me.  Can you believe it???  Holy cow!

Anyway, today has been wonderful. 
And, I am furiously reading my wonderful Brock and Bodie Thoene books!
St. Augustine is going to have to wait his turn.

And...I love seeing the countries where my blog is read.  I added two new countries this week!!  The United Arab Emirates and Russia (6 views from Russia!!!)

So, if you are viewing from another country (or this one), please, leave me a little note! 
1. I love notes.
2. I am a very curious person wanting to know who you are : )

Saturday, May 28, 2011

: ) : ) : )

1. I am very happy because I caught up on two emails today and already received a response from one of them!!! 

2. I have read two books in the past three days (one today).  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  They were soooooo good!  However, to be perfectly honest, I finished the first one in a state of confusion and the second one in disbelief.  It was too much of a comeback happy ending.  I almost wish the girl had been left dead (I know, I can't believe I am saying that, either).  Due to this state of events, I have found it necessary to write the authors about these two books.  I haven't written them yet, but I am going to.  Also, these two co-authors live part-time in London!  I want to be friends with them.  Writing a letter is a good place to start, no? : )

3. Today has been so restful.  I literally read from about 9:30ish until 3:00ish, with only a few short breaks.  I popped over to Publix.    When I came home I was planning on starting another series by the same authors, but suddenly sleepiness overtook me and I took a little nappypoo (translation: nap)!  Hopefully it will be an early-to-bed night.

4. Tomorrow we head out to the lake house for the day.  Just a day of relaxation, family, and fun!

5. While reading my two books I began thinking.  Wait, let me give a little context.  The books are about WWII.  It is a continuation of a series that focused on a family, in particular their daughter, who was German but she lived in Austria and how Hitler took over and she assisted in saving Jewish children.  She married an American, which assisted in her ability to stay safe and help the children.  Anyway, the first book in this new series by Brock and Bodie Thoene focused on a new character.  The above girl's cousin.  They had to flee Belgium and finally made it to England where she helped refugees.  The second book was a continuation of the first girl's story.  She was chaperoning evacuated refugee children to America when their ship was hit by a U-Boat.  It is the story of her's and others survival.

Anyway, the reason this made me think is because the pain that was represented in this story was so incredible.  However, I cannot even begin to imagine being in such a position.  I cannot imagine being in such a place as to face such horrors, running from my home, leaving everything, hiding in the woods, being shot at by planes, being treated as nothing better than a worm wanting to be squished.  All for what?  Power?  A "pure" people?  When boiled down, those are essentially the two reasons.

Anyway, the United States has been spared war.  While it has affected us, war has not taken place on our land since, the Civil War?  Yes, there were black outs during WWII, we were not bombed every night for hours.  We did not leave our home in the morning and come home to a pile of rubble.  It is beyond my comprehension as to what it would be like to fear a bomb dropping on where I slept and be exploded into pieces.  Imagine being the only person alive in a family because you were out for a walk while everyone else was at home.  The terror of being dragged out in the middle of the night, shoved in a room or train full beyond capacity of people, and then sent to a concentration camp or work camp.  We don't have to fear that.

Yet, all around the world people fear death.  People fear attack.  People die of hunger.  People fear being discovered and imprisoned or killed for their religion.  I am speaking out of a very tiny bowl of knowledge.  I have never experienced anything of which I have written.  I can only imagine.  Yet, when imagining something with no context, it is very hard.  As was said in my book, only when names and stories were put to the numbers of deaths did they become more real.  Otherwise, the numbers were just numbers. 

A quote from my book is, "Women are like tea.  You never know how strong they are until they are in hot water."  We don't know what we can take until put in the situation.  God will not give us more than we can handle.  He will provide the strength needed.  Without knowing God as a strong fortress, a loving protector, and all powerful the above situations would seem positively impossible.  As it was things were already beyond bleak.

A frequent thought that came to mind throughout my reading was, what did my Grandma experience in Germany?  She would have been born just after the start of the war, but some time into Hitler's reign.  What did my family in England experience?  They (well, my Grampaw) were in London.  I want to ask questions.  Does he remember the bombing?  So, yes, Grampaw if you are reading this, I want to ask you questions.

Anyway, this has been long enough, for the time being.
Perhaps more later.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing Pretend

Yes, I still play pretend.  I am home this afternoon and decided I would make a leisurely lunch.
I thought about the people who sip wine while they cook but had to nix that idea because 1) I am 19 and 2) Well...let's just stick with 1.
There was one little thing...I have always loved drinking out of wine glasses!  When I was 5 I used to drink milk out of my "bell cup."  My bell cup was a champagne/wine glass I found and loved at a thrift store in PA.

Oops!  Hold that thought. I forgot my sandwich.

Well, anyway, back to the story, today I decided I would drink my orange juice out of a wine glass.
So, while I grilled my delicious Irish Cheddar sandwich I sipped my orange juice out of a wine glass!  It was lovely!

And now, I shall finish Meet Me in St. Louis and prepare to write a letter.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Slight Letdown.

Today I went to the Downtown Y.  It is my favorite because I used to go there when I was younger and would be visiting Daddy.  I went swimming there last week and discovered they have a sauna.  Well, after reading the instructions I decided I would try it...the next time.  So, today was the next time.  After a decent workout, swimming, a little sun, and a rinse off it was time to enter the unknown....the sauna.

The aspect to which I was most looking forward was pouring water on the heater to create steam.  I skimmed the instructions to double check what I was supposed to do and opened the door.  The inside was made of smooth wood with two levels of benches.  And, there was no bucket of water : ( I was terrible disappointed because I wanted to see it steam. There were two slight inclines (they resemble a pillow/footstool).  Anyway, after sitting there for a minute this lady came in and sat on the opposite wall.  She began to take deep "destressing" breaths.  Well, the clock was sitting directly in front of me and I had SUCH a hard time sitting still.  I mean, I was in this humid hot air and I didn't get to pour the water.  Plus, my back started hurting from sitting.  So, I left after five minutes (maybe seven).

Well, not a bad first experience.  However, I want to go to Sweden or Finland where they do it the right way.  You sit in the sauna and get extremely hot and then run and jump in the snow naked.  It sounds crazy...but, so are those people who go swimming in the arctic.

My internship went well today! Tomorrow, then a short day Thursday, then Friday and then LONG WEEKEND, which means, the Lake on Sunday!  Hooray!
I am learning how to use Excel (my skills are still VERY limited).  Oh, and I edited a concluding chapter!  I am not sure if Publishing is what I want to do, but I am learning and gaining some experience (which is something I need).

So, now that you know about my sauna adventure, I will bid you all adieu and prepare for bed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well Folks,

I am into my third day in Orlando.  So far, I am enjoying myself wonderfully!
Sunday was a relaxed recuperation day.  Monday I had two interviews, one at Universal and one at the publishing company.  I am, for the time being, preparing to work at Universal Studios in June and began interning yesterday at a publishing company a few minutes from where I am living.

Day 1 Interning:  I learned a bit of the territory, was shown where they make the book covers, print books, and format books, and I counted the number of curse words in a book before adding the authors edits.  I even got to reword a few sentence : )  Oh, and, of course, I answered the phone.

Day 2:  Learned how to format books while formatting a Master's Thesis for a pastor in London (it took three tries due to being shown some different things), answered an email, checked messages, answered the phone, took messages, etc. 

It is so exciting learning how to format books!  Honestly, I enjoy answering phones and taking messages (minus the difficulty I have hearing people, which can make it awkward when I have to ask them to repeat their name between three and five times).

I wanted to begin my online class this afternoon before watching some Grey's (Abbie and I decided as long as we are at the same point when she visits we can watch some).  Instead, I have sent some emails, eaten lunch, and am now writing a blog.

Yesterday evening I met up with Emily Murray at Starbucks!  It was so fabulous to spend time with her.  We talked for approximately 2 1/2 hours!  We are planning a girls shopping/yummy food/and good movies Saturday : )  I am thankful to have a friend in Orlando for the summer!

I am enjoying spending time with Daddy and Pennisu in the evening.  In fact, afternoons and evenings are my favorite time of the day.  Please don'e misunderstand, I love the morning and early afternoon spent working at Legacy!  I love learning about publishing, but relaxing and spending time with Daddy and Pennisu is very nice.

Tonight we are going to a music and food truck event tonight.  Apparently the new big thing is truck food (aka, buying food from a truck).  There was a show on the other night about it on the Food Network.

Well, until the next time, have a cheery day : )

Aren't the yellow flowers with they yellow chair wonderful and cheery : )

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Lastest on my Life.....

School has come to an end, rooming with Abbie has come to an end, and a very growing year is coming to a close.

One year ago I was home and beginning my packing, shopping, and goodbye-ing process before leaving for England....I won't go into that now, that is for another post.

This semester flew by!  Kind of. 
I finished my very first official Philosophy course.  Whew.  I am looking forward to Medieval in the fall.
I lived with my roommate for the last time as roommates.  It has not hit me, yet, that we will not be rooming together.

I am now in Florida.  I will be living in Orlando for the summer with Daddy and Pennisu.  Tomorrow I will be interviewing for a job in merchandising at Universal Studios.  In the afternoon I have a meeting with the publishing company with whom I am hoping to intern.
I don't have any clue what the summer holds.  I'm sure there will be some growing, maturing, and fun!  Hopefully Abbie will visit in June!

My summer to-do list:
Read for fun.
Get a tan.
And....take time to just enjoy whatever comes my way.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Festivities!

I suppose I am due for an update.

Let's begin with the Royal Wedding.
Waking up at 4:35AM was absolutely worth it!  At first it did not seem so, but as soon as the television turned on I was electrified!  Oh goodness!  Catherine's wedding gown was incredibly beautiful.  She carried herself so well! 
We sipped tea and ate scones in our pajamas while watching the Royal festivities take place!  It was a grand and historical day!  In fact, I felt like celebrating the whole time!

And yes, I did wear a tiara to class.

I spent the weekend with Abbie in Fayetteville.  It was so much fun to meet her life!  She is graduating soon, so, it was about time : P

I am back and life is kicking into extra high gear!  We are currently on lockdown as the police pulled someone over and the guy ran off...possibly on our campus.
So, I am in my room preparing to write a lovely paper that is due tomorrow.  Oh the joy!
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