Monday, November 8, 2010

God's Surprise...a Bicycling Trip in the Country!!!!

This should have been published over a month ago!!!!

My Dear Friends,

Today I read an acquaintance's blog and was reminded that God surprises us and His surprises are great!
So, I ran some errands, ate gelato while sitting on a bench along the river, tweeted at some birdies, and went for a short bicycle ride.  I was going to cross the road and head back to my lovely jugendherberge but it was not a safe place to cross.  So, I decided to keep bicycling.  I think I may have even said, "Ok God, I will keep going."  Anyway, I kept going and going and went by all the annoying commercial stuff and began seeing fall leaves and I was slowly leaving Regensburg.  Then, I came around a corner and caught a glimpse of GREEN FIELD!!!  Then, I came onto a path.  Oh it was LOVELY!  Then, I came to a path that had a sign next to it.  It was round with a red circle.  Then, along the road I saw the same sign but it had a bicycle in it.  A car went into the path marked with the car circle so I thought there was a bike lane on the road.  Three feet in and I turned around!  I called Mr. Orr and those road signs actually mean that whatever is in the center of the circle is prohibited.
Anyway, the next part of the ride was filled with beautiful, rolling, green hills!!! Oh, and the trees were turning orange and yellow!  It was a sight to behold!
The scenery was gorgeous and I ended up bicycling a loop that brought me to a different part of Regensburg that is very near our hostel!
All in all, about a 12km loop!  I love it! (I think 12km....although...that seemed a bit much and not that much time).

Hannah, Hannah, and Aaron are back = )

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