Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to an Awesome Uncle!

 Photo edit: a little "photoshop battle" we had (note: I don't have photoshop)
 Happy Birthday to my favourite English uncle!

Before 2008 I had very select memories of Uncle Gavin.

The first memory was from my first trip to England when I was five or six.  Daddy, Michael, and I were staying with Auntie Michele and we had a little, family gathering.  Uncle Gavin, Lisa, and Grandma came to visit.  The funny thing is, I seem to only recall Lisa, and she only vaguely.

My second memory was from my second trip to England.  We had a family get together at Grandma's house.  We cousins were having a grand ol' time giving Uncle Gavin a hard time, and he played right along with us.  I think we may have been calling him, "Uncle Gavin Graveyard Digger."  The name could be wrong ; )

Oh, that same trip, I accumulated a number of coins in my little purse.  Uncle Gavin offered to give me bills and take the coins off my hands.  Something was lost in translation to my eight year old mind, and upset, I said no, thinking he was trying to take my money.  (Chances are, I would have fared better had I taken the offer.)  Ah well, memories!

Nine years passed, and I found myself arriving at Uncle Gavin's suffering from jetlag, totally exhausted.  I got to be around my family a bit more and gain more grown up memories.  I got to know everyone better, which was grand.  Somewhere in Rochester lives a squirrel that started some sort of inside joke...a joke that is even lost on me!

Two years later I came to England for an extended stay.  Every Tuesday I would traipse over to Bromley for Tuesday roast at Uncle Gavin's, oh, and orange juice!  It was always a lovely time.  I loved spending time with Unc, Lisa, Ellen, Peter, Roy, Rex, and whomever else was around.  Uncle Gavin took care of me.  Daddy wasn't around, but Uncle Gavin took his "Uncle's Duty" seriously.

I remember my first Tuesday visit.  We talked about Grandma.  I think that's when we bonded.  I am very thankful for Uncle Gavin.  He became one of my favourite people; he still is one of my favourite people.

Happy Birthday, and many, many more!

Here's to hoping to see you soon!



  1. aww happy birthday Uncle Gavin! It's funny the little things that stick in our minds xx

  2. I'm flattered that you think so highly of me....and I blushed a few times when reading your blog...family is everything and I'm proud that you are part of mine,
    and yes, we bonded over those talks. We both learned about each other and I look forward to more talks with you.
    thankyou for the birthday wishes....x


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