Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just Another Day

Ever wonder what 75 lit candles look like?
Photo courtesy of Mike Jordan
It's been one of those days where nothing has gone according to plan.
Seriously, nothing.
I'm sitting, eating chocolate birthday cake with wax on top.
No, the wax is not part of today's self-planning.
It is left over from Grandaddy's 75th birthday party last night.
75 candles on his cake...all lit. 
It gave a halo effect...and quickly formed a lake of wax on top of the icing.

Now I sit.  Cake on a plate.  Milk in a cup.
My plan for the evening was to watch Numb3rs with Mama.
Instead, Women of the Church Christmas party, our car not starting, finding another car (big thanks to the Taylor's for the loan), and not watching Numb3rs (well, not yet).
It could have been far worse.  The car could have quit on me at work.  Can you see me now?  Oy, I don't know what I would do.

Tomorrow morning I head back to Lynchburg for work.
Then, more plans for the future--oh wait, that's all the time.

Happy December!  Merry Snow Days (here's to hoping, anyway)!

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