Saturday, February 13, 2010

God's Surprise Present!

Yesterday I heard the news that we were supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow tonight.  However, this is South Caroline...not Virginia.  How often do we get snow?  This is #2 (a few flurries don't count).  Actually, this is BIG snow #1!  When it started snowing it was not even sticking to the ground, however, after about 45 minutes or so after it started it was beginning to stick to the cars and the grass!!! I pulled out my Christmas music and prepared to celebrate until it was time to go to work.  The coolest thing was the first song that started to play was Hallelujah by Mannheim Steamroller.  This song is Christmas to me. How perfect!
I left for work around five wearing my pink wellies (rainboots) and was walking with my tongue out to catch those snowflakes!  Funny thing was other people were too...we must have been a sight!  Well, work was exciting because excitement and snow were in the air!  Everyone seemed more happy, excited, fill in the blank : )
When I left the cafeteria I was just watching people pelt each other with snowballs...then, suddenly, someone saw me and decided to hit me.  So, I threw a few and then headed back to my room because I was expecting guests.  Amanda was helping me host, so we prepared and then our guests arrived.  Members of our college group.  We sat around and sipped hot chocolate and ate cookies.  Well, we were planning on playing a game so off I went to Founders to request a specific game where I was told it was in the owners car.  Well, I was not wearing shoes, my socks had already gotten wet so I thought, whatever, so, I ran through the snow.  Needless to say, my feet were a tad bit chilled when I got back in.  Well, in we started on the game.  We played for a while and then decided to partake in the fun of the CIU Snowball Fight of 2010.  It was well worth it!  I can already feel the aches and pain coming on  but there is something so wonderful about sharing these memories with so many other people!  I just love them and the memories so much!
Throughout the fight I kept noticing the trees and how perfectly the snow outline was breathtakingly beautiful! How often do you see Palmettos with snow on them?  Practically never!  Well, we did!  They looked like hut roofs!
When we came back to the dorm the exhaustion started setting in....then the soreness....the headache still remains...but Ibuprofen is helpful and I LOVE God's surprises!!!
I love being surprised by Him!  Earlier I was so frustrated because I had so many emotions welling up inside about the snow and how joyous I was about its arrival and I could not find the words to express how I felt...I still can't.  It reminded me of a conversation I just had with my roommate about speaking in tongues.  Speaking in tongues is expressing worship from the heart when no earthly words will do.  I think I just wanted something like that to happen to me today so I could express my feelings and thanksgiving and joy!
I love where I am, I love the people I am with, and I love my God who placed me here!!!
Now, my eyes will hardly hold themselves open any longer.
Guten Nacht!

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