Sunday, January 16, 2011

Football and My Superbowl : )

Once a year something come on television that is to me what the super bowl is to everyone else in the USA.
Yes.  Miss America.
I have a whole argument but let me just say, it is NOT Miss USA.
Anyway. I love watching it.
So, that was on BEFORE school began and I got to watch it with my mom, aunt, and cousin (with a cousin and brother as part time spectators).  Miss Arizona did not win (she should have) but a 17 year old just made history as the youngest to be crowned : ) That is pretty awesome!

AND....The STEELERS WON today!
Yeahya! Super bowl baby!

And....the best part. I love my family so incredibly much.
They are the best. Hands down.
I just love sitting and watching everyone. 
Jokes are tossed and we watch and play with the babies. we yelled together at the TV : )
And rejoiced at the awesome win!

I leave for school tomorrow!
Honestly. Not as excited as I was....
Well, tomorrow I will hopefully be thrilled!

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