Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reflections on Home.

I am home.
Home is such a lovely thing!
I missed comfortable.
I missed knowing the roads.
I missed the people.
I love being with family!
And eating my mama's sausage gravy and biscuits : )
And watching Hallmark movies with her (1)
And driving with my brother places.
And spending time with my grandparents!
And playing games with my cousins!
And cuddling with the little cousins!
And snuggling with my kitties!

Something I have come to realize is....
I like Clifton Forge.
Is it the most booming town?
But, it is home.
I have now spent more than half my life calling it "home"....well, Clifton Forge and Bath County combined equal half of my life.
I like that everyone knows each other.
I know many but not all.
I just remember faces and some names....but I don't really know many.
Well, many my own age.
But, the people I know I am meant to know.
I love them!
I love the countryness.
I love the accents.
I love the familiarity.
I love the kindness.
I just love people.

I love feeling home.

I cannot wait to get to school and see everyone!
I am sooo excited to just be there and see people I know and love!
Yet, I am not ready to leave.
Not yet.
But, next Sunday will arrive and I better be ready or the train (car) will be leaving without me!
Actually. It wouldn't.
That would be dumb.

Oh. The best part about school.
She is the BEST roommate in the world!
I love her oh so dearly!!!
And have missed her oh so much!!!

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