Friday, January 14, 2011

New Post : )

I just thought I would state the obvious.
I suddenly got the urge to blog.
This week has been marvelous!
We have had two intense game nights!
Let's just say...Josh, Nick, and I really get into Dutch Blitz.
Then, Apples to Apples....well....the arguments can be SO hilarious! Mama and Michael join us for this game.
Quote of last night.
The Green card was "spunky."
Someone put down "Anne Frank.:
My brother Michael said, "Anne Frank was spunky.  She almost made it through the war."
Yes. We all thought this was hilarious.

Oh, and, Dutch Blitz was great last night. I was "Free Cat" but each individual game was interluded with a theological/life contemplating/worldview discussion. Oh my.  It was grand!

Anyway. Aunt Becca is arriving today! I am oh so excited!!
Miss America is tomorrow night.
After the Steelers game.

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