Monday, February 21, 2011

Good Morning!

It is now the morning. 
1. I could not wait but I really wanted to sleep in.
2. In the span of less than an hour (I am assuming) I had two dreams regarding the results of the RA interviews on Saturday.
3.  Yes, I am awake.  Before 8.
Oh well.  Just two more extra hours to get things done.
This weekend was absolutely lovely!  The TPP get together was so much fun, RA interviews were great, homework that I didn't want to do was done, learned some Church History, saw Judy : ), went to CoTA, ate Indian, and saw many friends!
Now, I must clean, read, and write my very first philosophy paper (if you think about it, you can totally pray for me writing that paper.  I am a little nervous/intimidated.
Alrighty, have a good day and week!

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