Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Spring Spring

Oh how lovely the weather is outside!  It has felt like Springtime for over a week!  I would love for it to stay like this and just not get cold again!
Well, my week was crazy busy as I was writing a Philosophy paper.  I was confusing myself.  I enjoy Philosophy but after writing that paper I know all the more I am not meant to be a philosopher : )  I never thought I was but my mind just doesn't wrap around the complex, out of the box ideas.  Maybe it is because I don't know what they are....well, I may just start reading philosophical stuff other than Plato so that I can learn faster.

I know I have said this before, but I have the world's best roommate!  We have been having an awesome weekend!  We went to Goodwill last night and I discovered that after I went through what I wanted to (in less than 20 minutes) she was just getting started.  However, I did find an awesome pair of boots for $6.50!  I look all over Europe and then come to a Columbia, SC Goodwill and find an awesome pair of boots.  Granted, they are not leather....but they will serve their purpose!

I have said this as well, but I have the best family in the world and I love them all so dearly!  I am expecting a phone call any day now to tell me that my new cousin, Amelie Alexis, is about to be born...or has been born : )

I have an RA interview on Friday of next week and will find out the following Tuesday whether or not I will be a Freshman RA next year.  Between now and then I have many things to do...oh my word. Why am I blogging??? I just remembered something I have to do....!

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