Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello Florida : )

The Sunshine State welcomed me yesterday afternoon for the first time in a year and two and a half months.
Jeremy Rife and Lindsey Soon-To-Be-Rife allowed me to ride with them to Orlando so I could visit Daddy and Pennisu!  It has been over a year since I saw Pennisu and almost six months since I saw Daddy.
I arrived yesterday around 3:15 PM and Daddy and I chatted and relaxed.  I then attempted to go for a run which was not too successful as I creeped myself out with not knowing who was around.

Yesterday evening we heading downtown for a quick art show and sushi.  Please, let me tell you about this!  So, Daddy and I drive down to the Grand Bohemian.  We pull in, get out, and I turn and see Daniel Freeman who is working as a valet!  I was so surprised!  I mean, how random to be in Orlando and bump into a guy I haven't seen since Freshman year at CIU!  Yes, I love surprise meetings : ) Next we walked into the hotel and Daddy sees some people he knows.  We say hi....turns out the gentleman designed Universal Studios along with Spielberg.  Wowzers. Ok.  So, then we go into the art show, see more people, look around, there were some nice pieces!  Then Pennisu arrived so I got to finally say hi and see her for the first time in over a year.

As we are about to leave we see a large Ford SUV pull up and a tall brunette gets out.  The only thing was they were recording it.  They record her walking in and checking in.  Turns was Khloe Kardashian (I don't watch the show...but hey)!

So, we got sushi, which was delish and headed back.  I saw Daniel again, said hello, chatted a minute, and then we left.

Today we went to the farmers market!  Always fun!  I love love love Winter Park : ) We also saw the John Lennon art collection that is on tour.  So, that was cool.  Homework occupied part of my afternoon before we sat around the fire pit outside and made s'mores = )

I leave tomorrow but it has been such a great weekend!
Back to school and the regular grind-stone.  Ick.
I'm sure by Tuesday I will be ready : )
Anyway, I'm going to go and do something....grad school scouting and then bed?


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