Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pride and Prejudice

I know I know...I just blogged yesterday and nothing hugely monumental has happened since then...BUT I am in such an international mood.  It is slightly crazy!  I feel like I am everywhere except here.  Here being my bed.
I just got a post on facebook from a friend in Greece that I met in Germany with whom I flew to England.  Earlier I looked through a book of 100 or so countries.....the world is an incredibly beautiful place!
And, I have been having a semi-crisis as I don't know what I will do after I graduate.  For a while I was fine just being content where I was, but that did not last long.  Today I have a bajillion ideas (exaggeration) and am greatly looking forward to the future!
The sun is shining (why am I inside?)!

Last night Mama and I watched the first half of the long Pride and Prejudice. Love it!
Dr. Gentry has mentioned it a few times in class....It would be interesting to watch him watch this movie.  I think we should have a Humanities Pride and Prejudice Party some Saturday afternoon and evening!

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