Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break!

Just another typical Saturday.  I am still in my Pajamas and have just finished writing my homework list.
I guess it is not my typical Saturday because a few things are different.
-I'm HOME!
-It's spring break!!!
-My homework is not due next week.
-I finally get to begin working on my short story next week!
-I have cuddled with my kitties, watched the Nanny/I Love Lucy, eaten cereal and birthday cake (Mama's birthday!), kind of scheduled my classes for next semester, looked at a grad school, listened to music, and haven't been very productive...yet.
-The temperature outside is 65 VA!  I saw snow on the mountain tops yesterday!

Yesterday I met my sweet cousin Amelie Alexis for the first time! She is precious! Her tiny little mouth is so sweet! She has a full head of dark hair and the tiniest little fingers.

Isabelle is getting so big and is talking much more!  Her hair is sooo blonde and curls.

I adore being home.  It is peaceful settling into the everydayness that doesn't require too much from me.  A refreshing breathe of relaxation with some busyness.

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