Monday, May 14, 2012

Headed to the Big Apple!

I wrote this yesterday from D.C.

I am sitting in the Reagan National Airport eating an everything bagel, sipping an ice coffee, and waiting for my connecting flight to NYC.  Yes, I do feel like a chic (minus the exhaustion), traveling, young adult…who is now a GRADUATE!
My response to seeing a Dunkin Donuts and not finding a Starbucks was, “No Starbucks?!  What the heck!”  I may or may not have said this (I truly do not know).
A slight glance to my left and I have a clear view of the Washington Monument.  If I walked to the other side of the corner I think I would see the Capitol.
 Honestly, the end of my flight was practically perfect.  We flew low to the ground, allowing for a view down the Mall of the Washington Monument, the Capitol, and, slightly to the right, the Lincoln Memorial.  Then, our lovely pilot made the smoothest landing; I didn’t feel as though the plane was going to flip over its nose.
Looking around the terminal a thought popped into my head.  How neat would it be to see someone I know!
The intercom just told me I can attend a Greek Christian worship service at 11AM.  I am curious what it would be like.  But, I don’t want to risk missing my flight.
Ever since I read On Writing Well by William Zinsser, I love starting sentences (appropriately) with “But”.  I was taught in fourth grade that it was not proper to write a sentence starting with “But.”  BUT, it is allowed!
Anyway, I am heading into my next adventure.  It is exciting.  Three weeks in the Big Apple!  

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!  I have one awesome Mama who has done so much for me (yesterday, alone, she sacrificed getting home at a decent time to let me get everything I needed for NYC).

Washington Monument from Airport Window!

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