Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday. 9:29 PM. Class is Done.

The city never sleeps.

I can buy a slice of pizza at 12:15AM. (yes, after leaving the Empire State Building, I did)

H&M and Forever 21 are across from each other. (and next to and across from me)

There is a park on railroad trestles. (High Line Park)

Home depot is in a building with a beautiful facade.

Needless to day, I love the city.

Also, I consistently miss London.

Today our assignment was to go to pawn shops.  My group, along with several others, was assigned to Harlem.

I got to try an pawn items.  No one wanted my 2nd generation nano iPod, they don't buy Verizon phones, and someone finally assessed my (very nice) point and shoot camera.

There are some awesome people studying with me at WJI.

It is neat to have the moments of realization that famous people, publications, and locations are in the city where I am LIVING (for three weeks)!

It is cool.

I cannot wait to live in an awesome, big city!

But, dear Columbia friends and family, I miss you all, too!

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