Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moments Over Lunch

It's lunchtime.  I thought for the last few minutes I could give an update.

NYC is still great, although I have not been out and about as much as last week.

I am wearing down.  But, hopefully by tonight or tomorrow I will have some more energy (because I need to make plans and get out and enjoy it all)!

Two nights ago we were invited to hear Jay Nordlinger speak on the history of the Nobel Prizes (specifically the peace prize) at the National Women's Republican Club.  It was informative and held my attention (mostly).

Yesterday morning I woke up early to visit the Today Show to get some footage for a project.  It was pretty fun, although it doesn't get exciting until around 8 (but, get there around 6:45 for good standing space.

Last night I reviewed an unreleased film.  A new experience.

Today is a good class period.  We are learning about international journalism.

It is raining today.  One of the windows in the room looks out at an older brick building.  Looking at it through the rain reminds me of old New York (or, how I would imagine it).  I can almost see factory workers, women in long dresses with aprons, and vagabond children scampering around.

Breakfast in Bryant Park

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