Monday, April 15, 2013

My Unplanned Sabbatical is Over

It seems I took an unplanned, two-week sabbatical from blogging.
As a means to slide back into a writing groove, I'll share bits and pieces of my busy life.

Since my last appearance, I took a mini-vaca to SC and NC.  It was blissful, rejuvenating, and a joy-filled long weekend.  Instead of squeezing in every possible person, I spent quality time with a few very special people.

Love this girl.

Matt and Baron...just packed up the tent. Deborah's face in the background!

These two are amazing.  Fav prof and his wife.  Now, more like family.

Sweet girlies : )

They're getting MARRIED!

I know, finger should not be on trigger.  Love B's face.

When I returned, my mini-me (aka, my 12-year old cousin Nikki) was visiting.  We had a lot of fun laughing and singing in bed, watching White Collar, introducing her to Duck Dynasty, and going with her mom to look at cats at the animal shelter.

This was April 4.

Cousins : )

The past two weeks, but especially last week, have been crazy.  I love when life is busy and I'm constantly going from one thing to the next.  I subbed four days, spent Tuesday covering two stories for the paper, went to Michael's baseball game, spent time with friends, coached a pageant girl,  made scones, and helped with a pageant tea.

Watching baseball!

Pageant time...we looked uber similar that night.

A beautiful early morning shot.  Amazing.

Now, as a new week begins, I am enjoying a quiet morning before subbing a half day.

It's funny, after Spring Break my Freshman year of college, I became more introverted.  I was peopled out.  Since graduating from college, my extrovertism has sky-rocketed and my need for people, laughter, and socialization increased.  I'm grateful to have family and friends with whom to laugh and spend time.  I'm also incredibly thankful for substitute teaching.  I'm paid to spend time with an amazing group of kids.

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