Friday, April 26, 2013

When Love Supercedes Frustration

Hot Tazo Chai and Avril Lavigne Pandora station.
I don't think her music is normally associated with relaxing...but today it is.

I subbed for one of my former history teachers at the high school today.
Due to a field trip, two of my classes were gone.
I filled in for Industrial Maintenance for two periods.
I had never been down there before.
Definitely a new world.

Through two ongoing examples, I've been learning what it is like to be upset with a person/persons and to still care about them.  It was put into practice today.

I have the privilege of substitute teaching amazing students.  It is truly an honor and a joy.  Maybe some of you reading understand the joy teenagers bring to life!

Tonight was pageant practice.  It was long and productive.  I am now exhausted and have a croaky voice.

To bed?
I think maybe.

Guten nacht.

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