Monday, April 22, 2013

A Letter to Musicians: Do You Know Your Influence?

Dear Musicians,

Are you aware of the audience you are reaching with your music?

I was on a school field trip Friday.  While waiting to board the bus for the ride home, three of the 3rd grade girls started singing part of "Thrift Shop".  Word.  For.  Word.

Dumbfounded, I made a comment to another teacher standing with me.  The lyrics lack mental stimulation and deeper meaning.  Have you read the words they "sing"?  As I've yet to actually listen to the entire song on the radio, I'm not sure how much they edit.  However, if you take a moment to read even the first ten lines of the song, you will realize how appalling it is that 3rd graders know the words.

Musicians, when you write your songs, think about the message you want to convey.  Take pride in your work, and don't look at it as just another way to make an income.  Words are powerful.  People can be built up by encouragement and just as quickly torn down by negativity.  Think about the impact you can have when a person is struck by the words in a song.  In that moment, they've been personally affected.  How have the words you wrote and sing changed them?


A lover of music, intellect, and deeper meanings

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  1. I think modern commercial music is like that. I never listen to the words because I usually turn it off! Lyrics of music years ago were much better and much more singable


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