Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pageant Night: Sisterhood Additions

Pageant's my favorite.  I want my wedding to have a similar feel...everyone running around getting ready together.  Busy, busy, busy!

After sitting through five pageants, it was refreshing to get to participate in the behind-the-scenes action.  A tea, practices, and the actual event--it was wonderful.

Last night, starting at 5:30 PM, I ran around, curled hair, pinned bandanas, hustled girls on and off stage, and had an absolute ball assisting with a pageant I won seven years ago.  Amanda, who I crowned in 2007, was also there, running around and enjoying it just as much!

I was proud of the seriousness with which the girls took the pageant.  They made an effort to perfect their dance, walk, and speech.  It was beautiful.  They were beautiful.

While at the tea a couple of weeks ago,  I was standing there with at least three other Jr. Miss Bath County's.  The feeling of sisterhood struck me.  I'd never thought of it before.  I only knew Amanda but none of the other Jr. Miss queens who came after me.  Now I know them.  Now, Jordan has joined the line.  I don't know if any of the other girls know what I'm talking about...but maybe when several years have passed, they'll feel it, too. 

The contestants are beautiful girls who I am privileged to have gotten to know and work with.  They made the pageant fun and a huge success!

Enjoy a few photos from the night!

Jr. Miss Bath County 2012...crowned her successor last night

Love all their faces!

Waiting...waiting for the results

Jr. Miss Bath County, runners up, Miss Congeniality, and Audience Choice (not in order)

Miss Bath County, runners up, Miss Congeniality, and Audience Choice (not in order)

With Jordan, Jr. Miss Bath County 2013!  Very proud of her!
Amanda and me...Jr. Miss BC 2007 and 2006

They crack me up!

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