Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's Been a Very Good Year

It's two days before my birthday.
But, I won't have time to write this tomorrow night, because I'll celebrating with my cousins in Stevenage.

When I turned twenty, which was a difficult mental and emotional process for me, I decided to call this decade me "Roaring Twenties."  I just went back and read the post I wrote on 8 July 2011.  Reading what I wrote before knowing anything the decade would hold is special.  One of my favorite things to do is to look back on specific times in my life six months or so after they've happened.

As I look back two years later, reading that twenty year old me had no idea what my twenties would hold, I smile thinking, "If only you knew."  However, even now the same thing can be said.  I have no idea what the next eight years will hold.

However, when I turned twenty I never could have dreamed up all that has taken place.  Actually, the first year seemed a little dull--you know, school.  But, really, God was already beginning to change things about me that I thought were unchangeable.

I never thought I would want to work with a youth group.  Yet, at age twenty and a half, that's what I started doing.  God created a love within me for high school students.  Then, I found myself wanting to stay in Columbia, SC (shocker!).  An opportunity arose for me to study journalism in NYC.  Finishing the program, I didn't think journalism was for me.  After making every effort to move back to Columbia, I realized I had to stay in Virginia.  I started substitute teaching and enjoyed it.  But, I was in a rut...a post-graduation depression of sorts.  I missed my friends and my church.  J. Crew was hiring for peak season.  I obtained a job, moved to Lynchburg, and started a job that increased my customer service skills, provided me with fabulous clothes, and taught me that I cannot stand a monotonous job.  In December I evaluated my passions and loves and decided I wanted to pursue a career in even planning.  It seemed like a good time to move to England.  Then, I received a job offer as a part-time newspaper reporter.  I interviewed, was offered the job, and after thinking about it, called and said I would like it if they were still offering.  The message I received was not, "Great, glad to have you."  It was, "There is an event Sunday, can you be there?"

Thus began the last almost six months.  I love writing for the newspaper.  As a result, I've met amazing people in a town that is blossoming more than it has since its railroad days.  I began substitute teaching again.  One fateful job pushed me through the door at the high school to really get to know the students.  I am forever thankful for that.  God has given me a high school full of amazing students to get to know.  Spending time with them, laughing with them, teaching them, even when they make me blush, is a highlight in my life.  Because we live in a small community, I love getting to know them out of school, as well.  Like the pageant.

Now that school is finished, I am working as tennis assistant to the tennis pro at our county's resort.  Actually, I worked two days and then left for England.  But, I'll be back next week.

Looking back on the past year, because most of what I've shared happened in that span of time, I am overwhelmed with God's presence in my life.  The year has had its tough times.  Graduation from college brings a lot of emotions that I didn't expect. But, God is patient, "...for He knows how we are formed, He remembers that we are dust..."

I am blessed with three jobs that I absolutely love, a community in which I love becoming more involved, and  a patient God who teaches me gradually.  Life is a grand adventure full of joy, happiness, sorrow, pain, and love.

Here is to being 22!

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