Thursday, July 18, 2013

That Time I Met Cary Grant--and a Few Other Photos

I have returned from my European travels and am adjusting back to life in Virginia.  I'm trying to reestablish a routine--so far, so good.

When I last posted, I was in Bristol, England visiting Grampaw, some of the family visited, I'd met my newest cousin, and I finally had my photo taken with Cary Grant.  Due to not having my computer, I was unable to post photos, and I promised I would share some.  Enjoy!

Grampaw holding his newest granddaughter

Little Daisy

Enjoying good food and good conversation

Family photo: Mum, Daisy, and Dad asleep in the background

Holding the newest addition!

Ah, Cary!

What's this?  Marmite Gold?

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