Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello Germany!!!

Let me begin by saying, as I write this, I am listening to Christmas music.

I will also say, I visited a town yesterday, Rothenburg, that is a perfect Christmas town!  In fact, they had three Christmas shops.  I went into one.

So, it is not a few hours later and I am no longer listening to Christmas music as it would disturb Hannah who is reading Total Truth.  A text book I should be reading but instead I am writing this blog. 

Now let me back track.  Last Friday I began packing for this trip, as documented in my most recent post.  It was a long and grueling process trying to get everything in my bags.  I awoke at 3AM and got ready to leave.  Just before 4AM we pulled out of the driveway. I made my way through the airport and ended up getting in line JUST in time!  The line behind me was ridiculously long! 

I wanted to get a cord to charge my computer.  Ok, they don't sell US to Germany plugs in the UK.  Darn it.  Well, I found my gate, sat for five or so minutes, and then got in line to board the plane.  There were no seat assignments which was strange.  Essentially the whole UK airport and EasyJet flight experience were new and a little bit scary!

We are here!
I arrived in Munich and got to use my BRITISH PASSPORT for the first time : )  The only bummer is that I did not receive a stamp : (
Anyway, I got my luggage and headed out.  Mr. Orr met me at the gate and then we went to find everyone else.  I met Kristen, Kacey, and Steve and we had to wait on Hannah and Aaron (who did not yet know I was going to be there)!  They took a VERY long time to arrive because one of Hannah's pieces of luggage did not arrive with her.

Anyway, long day short, we explored Munich and ate in a HofbrÀuhaus.  It was yummy and we received a good dose of German culture.

Anyway, we got to the youth hostel (Jugendherberge) and wanted to crash!  Well, we got to bed a bit late.  
The next day we headed up to Vilseck to attend a church that has many U.S. Army families in attendance.  We then drove back to Amberg where we ate in a yummy Italian restaurant and were shown around the city by Kelley!  It is such a beautiful and quaint town!

Monday we had an introduction/orientation class.  In the afternoon we went to the mall and did some exploring.  They sell the yummiest smelling bread in the mall!

Tuesday we had more orientation-like classes and gave our life stories.  It was very interesting learning about everyone!  I really like the group of people that we have here!  I am looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Tuesday afternoon we toured Regensburg and walked along The Stone Bridge.  We had yummy yummy gelato!  I accidentally ordered coconut instead of white chocolate!   I am so glad!  I also had a scoop of lemon and chocolate.  The coconut was the best.  Today, I accidentally ordered something else while trying to order coconut.  They actually did not have the coconut I wanted.  Oh well.  We then explored some, saw a few, old churches, including one that is a Catholic church that the pope visited.  However, this church has Mary taking centre stage in the front of the ornately decorated church and Jesus is hanging on a cross on a wall to the side.  Very sad!  

Yesterday we drove to Rothenburg, which is about two and a half hours away!  It was fantastic!!!  This town wins, so far, the quaintest town award!!!  Holy cow!  A-stinking-dorable!  They have THREE Christmas stores!  There are no tacky store signs.  They are either guilds or painted onto the building above the store!  I love it!  There is a wall that encircles the entire town!  There is a vineyard on the side of the hill just outside the wall and the view is incredible!

Today we had about three and a half hours of class time and then we went to the train station and learned how to buy train tickets and check the train time.  We also visited the University of Regensburg library.  It felt like we were in a bomb shelter.  It turns out it was just 1970's architecture.  

As we were driving back through town we saw this kids riding on his bicycle while eating gelato.  So, Phil, Kasey, and Kristen hopped out and went to find Gelato.  Well, that meant I had the whole middle section to myself.  THEN we decided to go a little farther, hop out, and walk to the gelato place and beat the other three there.  Well, we got our gelato, stood around, and they finally arrived.  Well, it wasn't as great as I had pictured it in my mind, but, nonetheless, it was a good time.  We poked around in a book shop where I found the script to Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis!!!

Anyway, I left the group a short time after to head back.  I poked around in a few shops and found a few things of interest.  I LOVE polish tea sets and dishes.  I found some similar to my own.  It was great.  

As I was walking back to the jugendherberge I realized how blessed I am to be here!  It is so beautiful!  I really love it here!  It was very peaceful as I walked back.  I am looking forward to getting off by myself some to just enjoy it all!  Think, read, watch, pray, etc.  

This weekend we are visiting Neuschwanstein.  It is the castle the Disney castle is based on!
I am sleepy and it is only 9:10. 
I love being here.
I want a chance to wear my wellies!
And...Hannah and I have laughed so much since being here....people probably think we are a little strange : )

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