Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wet Rain

Today was just wonderful....minus missing breakfast (my favorite meal).
It was raining so after lunch and watching a movie I decided to go for a walk and explore Regensburg!  Doning my wellies, pea coat, and satchel purse I was on my way.  Oh it was fun!  I found some cute shops and did not get Gelato : ) I kind of wanted to get some hot chocolate but decided not to stop today.  Maybe another day!

I met this Korean man who is staying in the Jugendherberge.  He is an Opera singer and is a guest singer in a Richard Wagner opera at the Regensburg Theatre!  It is sometimes a challenge communicating but it has been helping his English.  Oy, if I could only speak German!

Tomorrow Hannah, Hannah, and Aaron return! 

1 comment:

  1. Kirsten! You sound like you are having a blast over there! I wish I was there too! I love reading your blogs about all the adventures you are having over there (without me :( ) I miss you! Be good!


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