Monday, September 27, 2010

My Jungle Trek...through Stinging Nettles

I am left to my own devices until Wednesday when three of my fellow students return.
Today I thought it would be great fun if I went for a bicycle ride along the river.  Sounds lovely, right?
Then I thought, oh, it is only 12km or so to Walhalla.  Why not try and make it there?
I packed my backpack, pumped the front bicycle tire, and began to ride.  Shoot.  The seat was too low.  Ok, finally able to fix that.  Off we go.  Stop.  The seat is massively uncomfortable.  Ok, fixed.  Here I go.  What an adventure!  See the beautiful river!  Whoa.  Wait!  What is this?!  A teensy trail to ride on.  Oh, now I have to off-road with a BIKE!  Ok, keep going.  Ooo, ow, pricklies.  Goodness, this is going to be an intense ride.  Wait, wait, what is that?!  Oh blast!  It's the end of the island!!!
Ok, brilliant me forgot I am on an island.  So much for Walhalla.  Time to back track.
I did feel the water.  Not too cold.

Ok, back on the main road...finally.  Now, down this set of stairs, up these stairs, onto a smooth path!  Whoa, this is going to be nice!!!  *Ladee-dee LaLa* Ok, turn here, keep going.  Wait, where is the path?!  Ok, here goes again.  Keep pushing through tall grass, past trees, avoiding sticks, THROUGH stinging nettles.  Lots of stinging nettles.  Shoot.  That is a rock.  Ok, over that.  I cannot ride through here.  Ok, off the bike.  I will just push it through.  Oh No!!! Are you kidding me?!  A marsh?!  Ok, maybe not.  Careful now.  Yes.  A marsh.  Ok, turn back.  Push the bike.  Finally biking again.  Make it out of the jungle (aka forest along the river).  Peddle peddle.  I just want to find a pretty place for my picnic.  Well, I could head back.  Ohhh I will see where this nice smooth path leads.  Ahhhh pretty grass along the river.
The End

(At the end, through a series of turns and seeing new parts of Regensburg, I made it back).
Now, I am still all tingly.  Darn nettles.

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  1. Love it! But it did suck that those nettles attacked you, yet again! WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND NETTLES!?


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