Monday, December 27, 2010

The End....or the Beginning?

A chapter in my life is closing.
As I write this I am lying in the place where I spent my first night in London (and a few weeks). Actually...same bed different place as it has been rearranged in the room.  However, that is not the point.
The point is. I am coming back to the United States tomorrow.
I am so excited I wish I could blink, snap, or travel the "Purple Panda" way (Mr. Roger's reference) and arrive faster!
So  much has happened during these past seven months and two days.
I have messed up, learned many new and old lessons, made new friends, gotten to know family, learned how to live in new countries, and the list could go on and on and on.......
However, tomorrow I am flying home.  I am going back to the familiar, the comfortable, and my family and friends.  I am thrilled!  I miss everyone! Yet, I do have moments of wondering what it will be like to know I can speak to everyone and be understood (easier in England than Germany), if I will remember how to drive a car properly, and if I will lose friendships because of changes that have happened while I have been gone.
I am praying for clear weather tomorrow so I can fly to Newark and see Chris and hopefully Marie!
I get home New Years Eve and will begin the wonderful and blissful chaos of seeing family!!!
I think I will reflect more later...I have to an extent but I do not think I am fully able until I have officially ended my travels and can take a breath!

Please pray for no delays!
Goodbye Europe! It has been great!

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