Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3:49 AM

I have seen the wee hours of the morning far too many times.  I have no reason to be awake other than I do not feel well and I cannot sleep.
It is awful.
I need sleep.
Normally sleep and I are great friends!
I really have no new thoughts, other than I am soooooooo ready for school to be finished.  Homework is so overrated.  And, I need time to recuperate.  From what?  Lack of family time!  I need to just spend time with my family without being inhibited by homework.

I can tell you....facebook is dead at this time of the morning. 
I know...lame. But, when I am this tired...and just want to be in bed...all that can move is my finger.

The wind is blowing ferociously outside!  I don't know why.  Daddy warned me about storms.

And, now the electricity is flashing. Oh boy.
I hope we are not having a tornado warning.  I just want to keep lying here on the couch!
We are under a tornado watch which means...we need to watch for them. 
It is also thundering.  The electricity is flickering.
Alright. Goodbye.

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