Monday, April 4, 2011

My Dilemma...

I have a dilemma.  I don't know what to do with my summer.  I missed being home last summer so much, and now it seems as if this may be my last summer officially home....although, maybe I will have one more.

Summertime in the mountains of Virginia is my favorite!  Swimming in the river, family, cookouts, Bible is so much fun.  However, I want to spend time with Daddy and Pennisu.  I want to know them better and for them to know me better...and I want it to just be life to stay with them...not a vacation.  Although...I am so up for going to the beach a few times : )

Anyway, this is where I find myself.  This is also why I am so thankful that God knows what is best for my summer so that as I keep pushing forward, emailing people, calling people, and trying to find a job, ultimately He knows where I will be.

Anyway, school is proceeding as usual.  I am going dress shopping tonight for the Jr./Sr. at school!!!
Yes, I am very excited!!!!

I am doing homework.  I need to work on my Philosophy paper some more.  And....Spanish.  I just desperately want to be able to speak it so I can move on to French...or German.  I am having this intense desire to speak French!

Au revoir.

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