Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing Pretend

Yes, I still play pretend.  I am home this afternoon and decided I would make a leisurely lunch.
I thought about the people who sip wine while they cook but had to nix that idea because 1) I am 19 and 2) Well...let's just stick with 1.
There was one little thing...I have always loved drinking out of wine glasses!  When I was 5 I used to drink milk out of my "bell cup."  My bell cup was a champagne/wine glass I found and loved at a thrift store in PA.

Oops!  Hold that thought. I forgot my sandwich.

Well, anyway, back to the story, today I decided I would drink my orange juice out of a wine glass.
So, while I grilled my delicious Irish Cheddar sandwich I sipped my orange juice out of a wine glass!  It was lovely!

And now, I shall finish Meet Me in St. Louis and prepare to write a letter.

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