Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Slight Letdown.

Today I went to the Downtown Y.  It is my favorite because I used to go there when I was younger and would be visiting Daddy.  I went swimming there last week and discovered they have a sauna.  Well, after reading the instructions I decided I would try it...the next time.  So, today was the next time.  After a decent workout, swimming, a little sun, and a rinse off it was time to enter the unknown....the sauna.

The aspect to which I was most looking forward was pouring water on the heater to create steam.  I skimmed the instructions to double check what I was supposed to do and opened the door.  The inside was made of smooth wood with two levels of benches.  And, there was no bucket of water : ( I was terrible disappointed because I wanted to see it steam. There were two slight inclines (they resemble a pillow/footstool).  Anyway, after sitting there for a minute this lady came in and sat on the opposite wall.  She began to take deep "destressing" breaths.  Well, the clock was sitting directly in front of me and I had SUCH a hard time sitting still.  I mean, I was in this humid hot air and I didn't get to pour the water.  Plus, my back started hurting from sitting.  So, I left after five minutes (maybe seven).

Well, not a bad first experience.  However, I want to go to Sweden or Finland where they do it the right way.  You sit in the sauna and get extremely hot and then run and jump in the snow naked.  It sounds crazy...but, so are those people who go swimming in the arctic.

My internship went well today! Tomorrow, then a short day Thursday, then Friday and then LONG WEEKEND, which means, the Lake on Sunday!  Hooray!
I am learning how to use Excel (my skills are still VERY limited).  Oh, and I edited a concluding chapter!  I am not sure if Publishing is what I want to do, but I am learning and gaining some experience (which is something I need).

So, now that you know about my sauna adventure, I will bid you all adieu and prepare for bed.

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