Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today Has Been a Wunderbar Day!!!

Today has been simply wonderful!  Terrific!  Fabulous!  You get the picture.

It began with me discovering, this morning, that I passed Classical Philosophy.  And, not only did I pass, but, I earned an A-.  I was so excitedly shocked and happy!  I was hoping for a B.  I can't wait to get my papers back!

Also, since coming to Orlando I have been searching for a job that is closer to home and that would allow me to sleep more at night (sorry, but getting home at midnight, on a regular basis, sounds miserable).

Anyway, today I found out that the guy who started working the same day as I did found a new job.  That meant, there would be two people working on a regular basis, since I would only be working one or two days a week.  I broached the subject to Mr. Vaughn, suggesting that I could possibly become full time rather than just an intern. 

This evening he phoned me, we discussed it, and beginning on Monday I will be a full time employee (i.e. 32 hours a week, flexibility, meaning: hello weddings!, and I can spend time with Daddy and Pennisu...and I can sleep at night). 

I am one "happy little girl."

AND....*drum roll please*....My brother, Michael, is now the proud possessor of a Virginia Learners Permit!!!!!!!!!!!  He gets to drive me.  Can you believe it???  Holy cow!

Anyway, today has been wonderful. 
And, I am furiously reading my wonderful Brock and Bodie Thoene books!
St. Augustine is going to have to wait his turn.

And...I love seeing the countries where my blog is read.  I added two new countries this week!!  The United Arab Emirates and Russia (6 views from Russia!!!)

So, if you are viewing from another country (or this one), please, leave me a little note! 
1. I love notes.
2. I am a very curious person wanting to know who you are : )

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