Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well Folks,

I am into my third day in Orlando.  So far, I am enjoying myself wonderfully!
Sunday was a relaxed recuperation day.  Monday I had two interviews, one at Universal and one at the publishing company.  I am, for the time being, preparing to work at Universal Studios in June and began interning yesterday at a publishing company a few minutes from where I am living.

Day 1 Interning:  I learned a bit of the territory, was shown where they make the book covers, print books, and format books, and I counted the number of curse words in a book before adding the authors edits.  I even got to reword a few sentence : )  Oh, and, of course, I answered the phone.

Day 2:  Learned how to format books while formatting a Master's Thesis for a pastor in London (it took three tries due to being shown some different things), answered an email, checked messages, answered the phone, took messages, etc. 

It is so exciting learning how to format books!  Honestly, I enjoy answering phones and taking messages (minus the difficulty I have hearing people, which can make it awkward when I have to ask them to repeat their name between three and five times).

I wanted to begin my online class this afternoon before watching some Grey's (Abbie and I decided as long as we are at the same point when she visits we can watch some).  Instead, I have sent some emails, eaten lunch, and am now writing a blog.

Yesterday evening I met up with Emily Murray at Starbucks!  It was so fabulous to spend time with her.  We talked for approximately 2 1/2 hours!  We are planning a girls shopping/yummy food/and good movies Saturday : )  I am thankful to have a friend in Orlando for the summer!

I am enjoying spending time with Daddy and Pennisu in the evening.  In fact, afternoons and evenings are my favorite time of the day.  Please don'e misunderstand, I love the morning and early afternoon spent working at Legacy!  I love learning about publishing, but relaxing and spending time with Daddy and Pennisu is very nice.

Tonight we are going to a music and food truck event tonight.  Apparently the new big thing is truck food (aka, buying food from a truck).  There was a show on the other night about it on the Food Network.

Well, until the next time, have a cheery day : )

Aren't the yellow flowers with they yellow chair wonderful and cheery : )

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