Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Festivities!

I suppose I am due for an update.

Let's begin with the Royal Wedding.
Waking up at 4:35AM was absolutely worth it!  At first it did not seem so, but as soon as the television turned on I was electrified!  Oh goodness!  Catherine's wedding gown was incredibly beautiful.  She carried herself so well! 
We sipped tea and ate scones in our pajamas while watching the Royal festivities take place!  It was a grand and historical day!  In fact, I felt like celebrating the whole time!

And yes, I did wear a tiara to class.

I spent the weekend with Abbie in Fayetteville.  It was so much fun to meet her life!  She is graduating soon, so, it was about time : P

I am back and life is kicking into extra high gear!  We are currently on lockdown as the police pulled someone over and the guy ran off...possibly on our campus.
So, I am in my room preparing to write a lovely paper that is due tomorrow.  Oh the joy!

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  1. I miss you tons!! :) Hope I get to see you sometime soon. This. is. a. must.


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