Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He Hears the Small Prayers We Pray...

Some of you may know of the learning summer I am having.  Well, Monday I must have left the thinking part of my brain at home.  It was awful.  I clogged up the email because I tried and send a huge file.  That same file I tried to send through a website and it wouldn't....because I was sending both files rather than at different times.  Gah.  I really think they must have thought I was quite the blonde.

I left working feeling I had done little right.

So, Monday night and Tuesday morning I prayed, asking God that things would be different.  I got to work and from the very first they were!  I accomplished almost all, if not all, of my to-do list that I could do by myself!  I was productive, spoke with an England lady who lives near Wimbledon (which, by the way, I am watching).  Anyway, it was so refreshing yesterday!  I have today and tomorrow and then I am finished for the week! 

Beach bound on Friday and Lindsey and Jeremy's wedding on Saturday!!!

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