Friday, June 3, 2011

"Midnight in Paris" or...a Trip Down Nostalgia Alley

As I am finishing my hot chocolate, which, incidentally, I am sipping from a Tiffany's mug, I am thinking of Paris, of France, of the French language, and of walking the streets of Paris in a leisurely and romantic sort of way.

I just finished watching "Midnight in Paris."  I recommend it, especially for all people who are prone to nostalgia.  I was so frustrated with the silly little fiancee and the know-it-all guy. Oy vey!  However, the main character, Gil (played by Owen Wilson who did a great job), is so nostalgic.  I felt right at home.  Wandering the streets of the rain.  Popping into side alley ways.  Finding those little hole in the walls.  Living in an attic with a rooftop balcony that has window boxes and vines.  I cannot wait to experience it.

In fact, due to just watching this movie, I am feeling the inclination to move to Paris, explore, visit the home of Monet, become fluent in French, speak French so often that it becomes second nature, and just relish life.

Who knows?  In a years time I am finished with undergrad.  What will I do?  Of course, my sights are set on the far continent from whence we all (many) came.  Will I succeed in making a life there?  Only God knows that.

By the way, I was just googling for a picture of Parisian rooftops (as you will see below), but the pathetic thing is, when I first typed in "Paris" Paris Hilton's picture popped up too.  Gah.

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