Friday, June 17, 2011

Musings of Me.

Whew.  The week is over!  I am relieved.  The weekend is beautiful.  Now, how to make it productive?
I left my book in Columbia so I may have to jump into the unknown.  Reading books by new authors.
Don't get me wrong, I want to read them...sometimes...but it's the unknown.
Basically, it's not Louisa May Alcott (aka, someone with whom I am familiar).

I guess I should give a recap from last weekend.

Chris and Marie got married!!!!  The people I rode with were SO tired of hearing me say, "They are getting married!!!!"

The first night I stayed up until 2AM for the first time in a looooong time.  I am so not used to that.  But, it was great!
Then, Saturday we went grocery shopping, I played tennis with Wesley, saw Josh, and then got ready for the wedding : )
At the wedding I saw everyone....well, not quite.  The wedding was beautiful, Mr. Fain said some great things, Chris and Marie read their vows from their iTouch iPods, and the desserts were yummy!

Then, I was finally able to find a ride to church (thanks Andrew and Tovey)!  They are getting married tomorrow morning!  I hope it goes so well!  Enjoy married life!

I got to see Dr. Gentry and Dr. Crutchfield!  I really love my professors!

After a lunch of stimulating conversation with Tovey, Andrew, and Karis I went tubing with Amanda and Walton!  Oh, it was fabulous!  Yet, so very different from my river back home.  I actually found myself being anxious.  I didn't know what to expect.  And, there were SO many people.  Back home it is rare to bump into people while tubing.  And, they have flat rocks on the Congaree River.  On the Cow Pasture we have slate with snails.  It cuts your feet.  That was not really an issue on Sunday.

Lindsey and I had a nice ride back to Florida on Monday!  She is getting married in 8 days!!!

And, this week was long, I am learning so much, though. 

I am greatly looking forward to visiting VA in July!  I miss Mama and Michael and Grandmother and Grandaddy and Abi and Josh and Liz and everyone.  And the mountains.  And the river. is Father's Day weekend!!!!!

Just hanging with Daddy.  The Farmers Market tomorrow!

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