Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Music, muesli, and Lady Grey Tea (The Earls wife) make a scrumptious breakfast combination!

Last night was Females, Flannel, and Fire (or fun) night at the pavilion!  It was such a good time!  We sipped hot apple cider, roasted marshmallows and made s'mores, listened to Mrs. Olshine speak about resting in God, worshipped together, and made fruit/chocolate melts (take a banana and make an incision through the peel and into the banana, stuff it with chocolate chips, wrap in aluminum foil, and stick it in the fire.  Let it sit for 5-8 minutes, take it out, and eat.).  It was such a good evening!

It was quite the ride down the hill....Steph and I were walking along when a van pulled up and they told us to jump in!  So, we popped the back and sat with our feet dangling out.  Well, there were 13 girls in that van.  I just hope the exhaust pipe still works as it should.

Room checks are in less than an hour-ish....and I need to clean.
Work at 11.

P.S.  I need to get some heavy flannel : )  It makes me feel protected from the elements!

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