Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Spent Today in Tennessee...via Christy

Would you care to know how I spent my day?

I will share.

Upon waking up, showering, and beginning to get ready I realized how tired and not all-together well I felt.  I decided I would not attend church today.  Yesterday I bought the book Christy, by Catherine Marshall, and watched two episodes on YouTube.  Well, today I have watched multiple episodes and all three movies (the 45 minute versions).  It has been delightful.  I have had four cups of tea, as well.

My head is in the clouds and my romantic side is in the Mountains of Tennessee and in Scotland.  I have a notion to write to the people who produced the series and ask them to continue it...almost two decades later.  It simply was not fair that they discontinued it and then made movies with an almost entirely new cast!

Did you know there is a Christy Fest in Townsend, TN each year?  I want to go next year!

Ah, well.  Now I must focus on some reading and writing of my own.  Maybe. 

Reality is such a hard place for me to live, sometimes (a lot?).  It's not because I don't like it....but my romanticized, book version is so nice, too.

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