Tuesday, October 18, 2011

High and Low

I battle discontentment.
Constantly I say, "I miss..." or "I wish...."
Last night while walking around campus I kept thinking to myself how ready I am to leave this campus.  I want scenery, woods, beauty, and a new place.
I want to blame this on my constant moving as a child.
That's not fair, though.
I just have this desire to keep seeing new places.
That could partially be due to my family.
I have a pretty international family and many have traveled a good bit.
I want to travel soooo many places!
But, for now I am at CIU and I need to finish my education.
Then I can start exploring : )


  1. Outer space is interesting, but exploring inner space with a trusted friend or confidante can be just as interesting and richly rewarding. Sometimes even moreso. :-) Happy exploring!

  2. We all want and need a change once in a while!
    Hope your having a great Tuesday!


  3. Thanks for sharing your heart... again. I love your life tinted pink. You give my life such a sweet glow!


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