Monday, October 3, 2011


Tonight I attended The Inklings.  It is a "book club" of sorts that my church has as a time for people who want to read, discuss, and fellowship to come together and read a book by C.S. Lewis and share thoughts on it (for those of you who do not know, the Inklings was what the group that Lewis and Tolkien were a part of called themselves).  Ever since I first heard of it I thought it sounded wonderful!  I have wanted to participate and so I and four other people rode together to the home where we were meeting.  Upon our arrival there were a few other CIU students there as well! 

It was a wonderful time of talking and getting to know people in our church!  Our hosts were so gracious in sharing their home with us and providing yummy snacks and drinks!

Anyway, while sitting and listening to the discussion I imagined myself walking through fields in the countryside of England.  Then, I saw a little menu from The Eagle and the Child, the pub where the original Inklings met.  I literally almost started crying.  I am at the place of being overwhelmed, not being able to thoroughly enjoy school because I am so busy, so that I only want to graduate and let my mind process.  I want to read for pleasure.  Something happens to a book when I am assigned it.  I no longer desire to read it.  Or, I desire to read it as an idea but not as a reality.

So, I took a few moments to write this up before heading back into the world of homework.

Until next time!

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