Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Cake, Two Cake, Three Cake, Final Cake!

*Disclaimer:  My grandmother makes excellent cakes and desserts.*
 *Disclaimer 2:  Four cakes were made since Friday.*

Yesterday is definitely deserving of a blog.

On Thursday I surprised Mama for her birthday by showing up at the house unexpected.  I was supposed to be at school in a different state!

Friday Grandmother made Mama's birthday cake.  Due to a slight technicality, the icing did not turn out quite right.  It went from a bit too thick to too runny.

So, yesterday I decided to make a new cake.  I went to the store and bought two cake mixes because I was planning to make two layers.  After getting back to the house, mixing the batter, and pouring it into two round pans, Grandmother came over and broke the news to me.  One cake mix will make two layers.

Shoot.  So, I ladle cake batter from both round pans into a bunt pan.

Two layers later, I take them out of the oven to cool before taking them out the pans.

Guess what?

The non-stick spray did not do its job.  So, the cakes stuck a bit.

Well, after some cake crumble, Grandmother and I managed to flip the cakes and get them layered (using the left over icing she had made...we decided it made great paste).

I began to frost the cake and it began to crumble.  So, once again, Grandmother came to the rescue with the sides of the cake!

After it was all iced, I wrote on the top (it took multiple attempts).

And, then, after putting it on the table, the icing on one side began to fall!

Well, Grandmother helped again, and the cake survived.

And, here was the final attempt.

THE Cake

Oh, yes, so the other cake.

Well, it fell to pieces and will be frozen until Grandmother comes up with some way to rescue and use it : )

And, this morning I woke up, made Mama breakfast in bed (that ended up not being in bed), and made yet another cake (that also fell into three large chunks.  BUT, I think they melded back together due to the heat!).  It is now safely iced waiting for tomorrow!


  1. Thank you! And I love you! And four cakes later, I'm sure you'll always remember that cakes must be removed from the pan between 5 and 10 minutes after leaving the oven, no more and certainly no less! LOL!


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