Monday, March 26, 2012

A Week of Break in the Spring

Spring Break was wonderful!

Scene:  Steph, Holland, Kristy, me, and Holland's car.

Day 1:  A 5 1/2 hour trip became almost 9 hours due to a stop at IKEA and a stop in Mt. Airy (at the Mayberry jail).
Day 2:  Church in Bath County, pancakes and REAL (way too much) Maple Syrup at Bolar, visited with/saw many dear and familiar people, went to WV, turned around and visited a Maple Farm, stopped in Monterey and looked at crafts, visited the Homestead, and went home to relax.
Day 3:  (Steph stayed home)Went to Liberty University, hear Mr. Verwer speak, saw Nick and met his girlfriend : ), hung out with Danielle, went to Barnes and Noble, met with one of Kristy's friends, ate dinner with Mr. Verwer, stopped to say hi to Catherine at work, Sams stop, and then home!
Day 4:  Holland went home to Charleston, Kristy, Steph, and I decided to hike to Griffith Knob, after some driving and not being able to find where to begin, we hiked to the top!  It felt like an 70 degree incline!  It stormed when we got to the top.  Then we went to the river and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows!
Day 5:  RESTED!
Day 6:  Rested, I had lunch with Mrs. Shaver, we went downtown, back home, went to Michael's baseball game (where we beat Covington!), and...I think we made brownies.
Day 7:  Filed my taxes, took Josh coffee, went home, ate lunch, went downtown, ate curry for dinner, hung out with Josh and Michael, went to DQ and got Ice Cream Cones, and watched Hitch.
Day 8:  Slept in, went to Hot Springs (aka, Laura's Boutique) via Douthat, came home, made scones, watched Princess Diaries 2, and packed.
Day 9:  Woke up, ate breakfast, finished packing, went to church, put too much oil in the car (me), Mr. Fenton drained the oil, left for school, and made excellent time (back by 5:30ish), relaxed with some shows and a movie, a little hall excitement, and BED.

The weather was practically perfect, Spring was beginning, the air was so fresh, and it even thunder stormed!

And now, I am at work, back to the norm!

View from Warm Springs Mountain

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