Saturday, March 31, 2012

Portraying Skewed Reality

Life outside of the pictures and edited video clips lacks the simplicity and glamour that it appears to have depending on the lense used to capture the moment.

It doesn't mean it is an awful and horrible experience.

It just means, an uncooperative day can appear to be beautiful in a snapshot.
What is not seen is the gallon of milk that dropped on the floor and popped, the hair that would not cooperate and do what you wanted it to do, and ice on the windshield when you have barely enough time to make it to work.

However, pausing to capture the picturesque snow and adding a catchy caption sends an "all is well" message to the beholders.

Do we lose reality in our habit of portraying funny, eclectic, artsy, trendy, and pretty images of our lives?

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