Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Confession of a Childhood Planner

Week 1 of work is done.

Earlier in the week I commented to a girl that I don't miss the lists of college.
What did I find myself doing tonight?
Making a list.

Truth be told, I love lists. 
I love crossing things off lists.
But, more than that, I just love making them.

Do you remember being a kid and going through all the work of organizing a game, creating the people, their personalities, etc., and then mom calls up the stairs and says it's time to go?
That was me.  All the time.  I can think of countless scenarios of planning the game, and not getting to play.  Honestly, the times we would get to play, it wasn't as fun as planning the game.  Except when I would play with Amanda and we would create lives for the horses in my horse box.  We made the best stories!  When it was time for the baby horses to grow up and get married, we just had their parents die and switched the names.  Brilliant, eh?  (Writing that sounded so morbid)

Anyway, back to my list.  I made a list.  On my list are things I have to remember, things I need to do, and then things that I want to remember to do.  We'll see how the list goes against this weekend.  I'm excited it is the weekend!  WooHoo!  Skype, friends, no work, the Nicene Creed in church, and maybe a little shopping...

In parting, two questions:
Did you have any weird, childhood quirks (like me)?
What weekend plans do you have?


  1. I was always the organizer and planner in our childhood games, too! And to this day I love making lists!

    1. Yes, it has a way of following on through to adulthood :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, how nice to not be the only one with such recollections!


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