Thursday, November 22, 2012

Expressing My Love for Indian Food

Indian food.
A lifetime love.

I was one of two blonde kids (my brother was other) who, at age 6 and 2, would go into a Chicago Indian restaurant and devour the tandoori chicken.  Our last time in the restaurant, the servers brought us a complimentary second platter.  Divine.

Whenever I make a visit to Columbia, Punjabi Dhaba is a necessary stop.
Best. Indian. Buffet. Ever.

I'm home for Thanksgiving.  We have an Indian friend, Pawan, eating with us.  He decided to grace us with a few Indian dishes.  Oh my heavenly day.  The spices in my mouth were like standing in a room full of rich colored, Indian scarves and rugs.  I commented that the food was heavenly.

I hope heaven and the new earth have Indian food.
The food is so close to perfection.

1 comment:

  1. Now I am hungry! ;) Super cute blog.

    xo Ashley


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