Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rows of Marmite...Am I In Heaven?

British Cheddar Cheese...
...and so much more.

Grocery shopping in England is a treat.
It makes me happy.
The food in England is so much better than in America.

Anyway, have you guessed where I am (if you are one of the people who doesn't already know)?

After a car ride, flight, several trains, and another car, I arrived at Grampaw's.
He greeted me with the offer of a cup of tea.
I love being in a country where tea is held in such esteem.

I fell asleep on the train for a few minutes...only to be awakened by the conductor asking to see my ticket.
Then, I fell asleep and woke up just as we pulled into Reading (which is good, as I might have ended up in Oxford).
Later, Grampaw asked if I wanted to take a nap.
I declined, only to decide that my hurt and needed a rest.
But, I told Grampaw I wouldn't fall asleep.
He retorted, "Those are famous last words."
Um...I don't know how much later...I woke up.

Anyway, except for those little snoozes, I finally went to bed after being awake for about 33 hours.
After eating the yummiest pizza I've eaten in a while.
In the greatest little hole in the wall.

Today was amazing.
Grandma Sue, Claire, Ed, and my newest cousin, Daisy, came to visit.
We drank tea, Skyped with Daddy, went out to eat, and had a lovely time.
Thanks to Claire, Daddy and I now have two jars of Marmite Gold.
And, Daisy is precious!!! (pictures to follow)

*drum roll*
I took a picture with CARY GRANT!
Yes, you read correctly.
One of my favorite actors was born and raised in Bristol.
There is a statue of him in centre of Bristol.
So, in the rain, I asked a nice passerby (after analysing whether I thought he would run off with my camera) if he would take a picture.
He did.
And gave me the camera back.

Oh, did I mention all the Wimbledon Grampaw and I have watched?
And, may we freak out together about Federer losing??!!
I guess I won't be seeing him at the finals.
So sad.

Tomorrow Grampaw and I are off to the bookshop (ummm, a mini-heaven?).
I'll get lost in the classics room while Grampaw works.

Tomorrow I'm off to London in the afternoon.
It feels a little like I'm going one of my many homes.

Photos may be posted before I get home in two weeks...
But, then again, they may not.

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  1. omigoodness I cant believe you are over here!! you are going to have an amazing time, cant wait to hear all about it!


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